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Hong Kong Tsukiji • Yamataka Seafood Market is situated at Wan Chai Ferry Pier. Yamataka provides seafood from Japan and around the world, and also offers live seafood, made-to-order dishes and an impressive retailing experience.

tuna cutting show
鮪魚解體表演 Tuna Cutting Show


Customers can enjoy our Fresh Tuna Cutting Show at certain times and our freshly cut tuna sashimi.

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特式餐飲區域 Stylish Dining Areas


Yamataka is comprised of different styles of dining experience, including a standing sushi bar and seafood bar.

壽司吧 Sushi Bar


Embraced by a marvellous Victoria Harbour view, Yamataka offers fantastic sashimi and sushi sets.

海鮮吧 Seafood Bar


Seafood bar offers various seafood delicacies to spoil your taste buds.

即捕浜燒 Hamayaki


Customers can enjoy a wonderful barbecue feast with our wide selections of seafood, meats and vegetables.

海鮮丼飯 Donburi Area


You will be pampered by our donburi with seasonal fresh seafood such as sea urchin, tuna, salmon roe and more.

龍蝦包 Lobster Roll


Serving the hottest Japanese street food - Lobster Roll and other exceptional bakery products.

品味梅酒 Umeshu Corner


Exquisite Umeshu corner displays plum wines with different flavours from Japan. Customers can try them all by purchasing a small glasses combo.

購物及外帶區域 The Market Division
購物及外帶區域 The Market

Ready to Go的食品最能滿足香港人行動快捷的習慣,水產市場內特設購物及外帶區域,即買即食的新鮮刺身、壽司、丼飯,以至凍盤海鮮,陳列在偌大的冷藏櫃內,心急的人可移玉步往2樓平台360度空中花園品嚐海鮮盛宴;或者將食品及飲品帶回家中,與親朋摯愛一同分享品嚐。

Delectable sashimi, sushi, donburi and seafood platters are displayed liberally in the refrigerator, awaiting to be grabbed away. You may enjoy the seafood feast at the 360-degree public park on the roof top; or share the appetizing delicacies with your beloved family members or friends in your own place.

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