Favilla Cafe x Yamataka

[3月,山貴與Favilla Cafe有個約會 ]

看著海景, 再嘆杯咖啡, 好好休息下, 何樂而不為?

集精品咖啡、和式料理及花藝的favilla cafe, 是隱匿在鰂魚湧的小咖啡店

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your coffee and relax by the seaside?


與山貴聯乘, 推出一系列的精品咖啡及和式輕食料理

Favilla Cafe, an elegant cafe featuring floral coffee, Japanese style dishes, and flowers, located at Quarry Bay, is arriving at Wan Chai Ferry Pier, bringing you a special series of coffee and grab-and-go-food, with collaborating with Yamataka.

咖啡丨花丨簡餐   Coffee | Floral | Light-meal




Brazilian, Colombian, and Yirgachefe coffee beans are chosen to be the signature of Favilla Cafe, bringing out the floral and almond flavour of the coffee.


3月, 灣仔碼頭見

See you at Wan Chai Ferry Pier in March

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